3D Printing and Production

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing is another term for 3D printing. Unlike traditional forms of manufacturing, with additive you are building something layer by layer starting with a CAD file.

3D printing offers many benefits to businesses including; fast access to parts used in a wide variety of applications, lower start-up costs, greater range of quantity choice and ability to communicate and buy american made parts.

Production Runs

3DPX is a leader in production runs. Our industrial SLS machines are ideal for producing on demand plastic parts with low lead times. Whether you need hundreds or thousands of parts, 3DPX can provide them quickly, with competitive pricing 3DPX offers free design on all production run parts.


3DPX is a primer prototyping shop in Chicago. 3DPX knowledge of different manufacturing processes allows are clients access to create prototypes for many different end goals. Our designers background in product designs make 3DPX one of the most competitively priced companies in prototyping.