SLS Printing

Selective Laser Sintering is a powdered based 3D printing process that provides a foundation for industrial level parts with extreme accuracy and durability.

Print without the burden of support material or geometry limitations. Print with some of the most versatile thermoplastics like nylon 12.


Higher Output

SLS is one of the few printing styles where you can print parts on top of each other. You have a set amount of space to print, called of bounding box. In SLS you are able to stack your bounding box above, below and on either sides of parts.

Faster Turn Around

Due to the higher output, SLS can turnaround parts in as little as 1-4 business days. 3DPX is one of the fastest 3D printing companies, because we work with companies who rely on these parts to run their business.

Durability and Accuracy

By sintering the material, SLS creates a fully formed part that is more durable than most forms of printing. Our high end industrial machines also offer accuracy between 60 and 100 microns.


SLS can be used in many different businesses. Since no support material is required, designers have greater freedoms to create. All the advantages above combined to give SLS a range of advantages not possessed by other forms of additive manufacturing.


  • End Use Machine Parts in Manufacturing
  • Prototyping
  • Short Run Manufacturing
  • Architectural Models
  • Parts with Complex Geometry

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