3D Printing

Koyo Pile Edited

Printing in nylon can provide a high-quality production-grade finish while also allowing for versatility and scalability. Our team of experts can guide you through prototyping, short-run production, and contract manufacturing.

CNC Machining

Industrial background from metal parts produced in metal industry factory

Offering dozens of materials and fast turnaround times, CNC provides high-quality precise parts. Never sacrafice quality for speed.

Design & Engineering


We are proud to provide design and engineering services that take into account your long-term goals. We leverage best-in-class software and reporting services to provide detailed technical drawings, analysis, and robust design.

Production Parts

We leverage batch packing and just-in-time scheduling to deliver the most competitive production pricing in the industry. 

1.74″ (44.28mm) x 1.70″ (43.19mm) x 0.60″ (15.24mm)

Quantity Price*

* Pricing is based on standard turnaround times, geometry, volumes, and is subject to change. Contract pricing is available upon request. Please submit your files for accurate estimates and turnaround times. 

Material & Design Guides

Material Datasheet

PA2200 Nylon

EOS Basic Design Rules

Additive Manufacturing