On Demand 3D CAD design services

Use industry leading design experts to complete all types of 3D projects

CAD stands for computer aided drafting. Our team of designers use multiple software to create files that fit your application. While we specialize in 3D printing, our partner network has given our designers the knowledge to create files that fit your needs.

We can help make your part optimized for 3D printing. This can allow your business to get immediate access to parts without the upfront costs of injection molding or casting.

We have designers on staff with extensive product design knowledge. We offer consultations and renders if your idea is yet to be fully formed.

The product design process is usually iterative. Our team’s knowledge will save you steps, by accessing past experience to every job.

We can utilize design or scanning to create a file for a part that already exists. Usually these cases speed and accuracy are most important, making it wheelhouse for the 3DPX team.

While many companies have a 3D file and have in house designers, many times the files are not optimized or even ready for 3D printing. Our design team can get your models print ready to create the highest quality end result.

Our engineering team can deliver part and manufacturing analysis including manufacturing validation, static finite element analysis, part testing and validation, and production scaling analysis.

Design + Engineering

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