Services and Solutions

Who are we?

3DPX is an industrial design and 3D printing service bureau located in Chicago, IL. 3DPX’s has combined industry-leading technology, quick turn around times and knowledgeable professionals to become trusted partners with businesses all across the US.

What Do We Do?

3D Printing


Volume Production


3D Printed Parts

CAD Designs

Low Volume Production

3D Printing Consultation

  • 3D Printing: 3DPX offers a variety of printing processes designed for all types of projects, whether the parts need to be extremely detailed, have high strength and heat resistance, or lightweight. We can find a process that fits the need.



  • Design:  Designers at 3DPX have intimate knowledge of a variety of  CAD software and design techniques. Engineering/Manufacturing, Product Design, Replication, Architecture all have specific design requirements and over the years we have created a vast portfolio of all types of these projects.  Design for additive manufacturing has its own challenges and opportunities; fortunately, we are able to use industry-leading software to optimize all parts for strength, cost, weight, detail size, and function.



  • Consulting: While 3D printing has been around since the mid-1980’s, for business in the United States it is a relatively new technology. There are many different printing techniques, materials, and applications that can be applied to each business in different ways. Our experts can take a deeper dive into the specifics from both a business and manufacturing standpoint to help any business utilize the technology.